Kitchen countertops are a focal point of the entire room, and they offer a variety of functions. You use them to prep food, serve meals, store ingredients and tools, and even display artwork. They’re a place where we pour out our love and ambitions.

So it’s no surprise that choosing the perfect kitchen countertop is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your house.But there’s much more to think about than just function. Countertops are a great opportunity to express yourself, and choose something unique that reflects your personality.


Granite Kitchen Countertop

Choosing a Kitchen Countertop

Today, we know that granite is actually a type of igneous (meaning formed by volcanic activity) rock that contains quartz and feldsporas.

A kitchen countertop is one of the most important investments a homeowner makes in their home, and it deserves to be something that lasts for many years to come.

So what type of kitchen countertop should you pick? Quartz, marble, granite, Quartzite, porcelain… the list goes on. There are many different options, and each offers its own benefits. Here’s some information to help you decide.

Materials for Kitchen Countertops

1. Porcelain

Demand for porcelain countertops is on the rise. They’ve recently gained popularity among homeowners who want something unique and stylish for their kitchens. Unlike solid surfaces and natural stones, porcelain counters can withstand heavy traffic and harsh chemicals. Porcelain also offers an easy cleaning process, so they’re great for busy families.

2. Granite

Granite surfaces are made from slabs of rock that have been quarried and then cut into specific shapes. Each slab is unique. A honed surface is one where the top layer of the slab has been removed, exposing the natural color of the underlying material. Honing adds texture and depth to your kitchen countertop. Polished granite counters are smooth and glossy.

3. Quartz

A classic choice, quartz tops are beautiful and durable. They come in a wide range of colors and patterns, including black, white, and gray. If you like a sleek, modern look, quartz tops are ideal for you. However, they don’t absorb heat well, so a little extra care is required.

Here are three things to consider when deciding whether granite, quartz or another type of countertop is best for your kitchen.


Your budget will influence your decision as to what material you choose for your countertops. There are many factors that influence price such as material, edging, cutouts and other details. Custom Stone Creations will work with you to find a product of choice to fit your budgetary needs.


You don’t want to spend hours cleaning up spills or scrubbing away stains. Therefore, it is very important to pick the right material for your lifestyle and area of the house.

Natural stones can have an advanced sealer applied that will greatly reduce the maintenance required.

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