It has been about a year since we had our 4 new counter tops placed in our main kitchen, kitchenette, laundry room, vanity.

We wanted to again thank you sooooo very much for all the special care you, Adrianne, Marc, Lee, Tommy, and all your expert craftsmen took to produce a product that truly belongs in a museum!  Its existence commands

attention; one just wants to stare at it!!!  The quality and detail of the counter tops was simply exceptional.  It’s so hard a concept to grasp that such unruly slabs of crazy heavy rock can be transformed to a work of art.

You and your crew were a delight to work with.  And the ease with which you coordinated all that was to be done with Darin and Ida and everyone else was just great.  Most notably, no problem was insurmountable.  Why oh why do people complain so much about remodels?  You and your crew made it fun!!

I’ve attached pictures of our beautiful counter tops (the main kitchen pictures are from Ida York’s website).

And oh, one more thing……I remember Lee pointing out the seams in the granite…………ummmmmmm, again, what seams????!!!!
I’m hoping all is well with you and everyone.